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antonioHarper Fashion Seminar & Pop-Up Shop

Talk about defying the odds and pressing through adversity. antonioHarper had every reason to not share his amazing gift of fashion with us on Saturday March 28th 2015. After dealing with an unfortunate situation he still came out and gave us all he had.....

If you weren't there, the video will give you a glimpse of what you missed. I was careful not to put everything in the blog because the valuable information that he gave is worth a lot of money.

The Pop-Up Shop was phenomenal. I bought a few things myself from "The Sheek Boutique" and from "BridgeParker."

Everything was put together phenomenally from the venue, to the food, to the presentations. We all got away with a wealth of knowledge for a small cost. Most importantly the atmosphere was positive and antonioHarper left us all empowered not only in terms of fashion but with confidence as individuals.

THANK YOU. I was honored to be a part. Take a look! ENJOY


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