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Exclusive Interview w/ Temeka of Custom T Nails.. Nail'd It Competitor on the Oxygen Network.

Check out this exclusive interview with Nationally recognized Nail Technician, Temeka Jackson.

In my interview with her she gets down to the nitty gritty of her journey, her struggles, and her relationship with her clients.

In this interview Temeka exposes where she will be working next, she talks about why she is reaching out to the state legislator and her town rep on other nail technicians behalf.

Catch Temeka this Saturday at Hartford City Hall as a Keynote Speaker at the

Women Empowering Women event hosted by @RickyDaVista (Instagram) ...visit his page for tickets.

Follow Temeka on Instagram @CustomTNails1

and click the link on my homepage to visit her website.

YOU GOT IT HERE FIRST PEOPLE.... Thank you for watching!

Please be sure to set your view to 1080p

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