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Back to School Giveaway & Health and Wellness Fair

All the hard work and dedication that went into planning and seeing this event through was unimaginable. Thank heavens for a wonderful set of people at Mount Calvary Revival Center in New Haven, CT and for our volunteers from the community and surrounding areas. This event was just as successful as I imagined it could be... We sent nearly 200 children back to school with a back pack, supplies, encouragement, health and wellness tips, and so much more. What better way to kick off the school year than to be prepared. Every vendor and participant was phenomenal. We had DJ Crazy One on the ones and twos keeping the crowd hype in spite of the heat, we had Billy "Church Boy" Powell performing some of his popular hits from his CD and encouraging our children, we had Michael Oxley, a professional Zumba instructor putting down his best moves and showing youth some practical yet fun excercise routines. Every child got their face painted by SueMarie, and of course their was delicious food! I was so glad to be able to giveaway THREE $50 Gift Cards to Target, Walmart, and Foot Locker.

If you weren't there indeed you missed a great time but ITS NOT TOO LATE, first come first serve, but if you still need a backpack I have a few left...Simply email Cant wait to give away more next year.... For it is more blessed to give than it is to receive...

Im hoping you've read this till the end, and if you are reading JUST KNOW, no matter what you do, someone will always be unhappy with you, but take a special look and really zero in on the lives you positively inspire....If that number outweighs your haters, you are doing the right thing and DONT QUIT!!! Someone out there needs to see you make it and keep pressing because you are helping to build some elses faith...YOU GOT THIS!!

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