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Christian Girlz Rock

I truly cannot express the magnitude of the experience I had at "Christian Girlz Rock."

Talk about the best girlz night out ever for a christian woman. In the world we live in today, so many people are ashamed of their beliefs and even in some countries and places they have to secretly worship the God they serve. Pastor Yashica Blue created an atmosphere via this event that showed the entire community that its ok to be a christian woman. She showed that christian women are still beautiful, still have fun, still thrive in business, and that we actually rock. When women can get together and be on one accord, very powerful things happen. I am confident that what she is doing will thrive. I am confident that she will one day be Televised and Christian Girlz Rock will be a MASSIVE movement that no one will be able to ignore. I'm not sure exactly who her team consists of but kudos to you all. I am super impressed as was every woman in that room. I shared with Pastor Blue that I really like her.... not that my opinion is important or that it makes or breaks anything but she strikes me as the type of woman where its "what you see is what you get..." she's just REAL, she's humble, and she's powerful! Check out the blog video so you can see what I'm talking about.... Thanks for watching!



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